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Archives / February 2018

Paleo Diet Cauliflower Rice | Paleo Cauliflower Rice in Tamil

Paleo Cauliflower Rice is considered as an alternate for Rice and suggested as 1-time meal for People following Paleo Diet. Cauliflower is known to be anti-cancerous and is good for leg pain. In this video, we have explained the step by step procedure to clean Cauliflower and prepare Cauliflower rice. Paleo Diet Cauliflower Rice in...CONTINUE READING

Garlic Pepper Chicken In Tamil | Garlic Pepper Chicken At Home

Garlic Pepper Chicken is a traditional Chicken recipe that is prepared with Garlic and Pepper as the main ingredient. It’s a tasty and a very simple Paleo recipe also as it has only Paleo items in it. People following Paleo diet can follow this recipe and consider it as one time meal. Garlic Pepper Chicken...CONTINUE READING

Muskmelon Juice in Tamil | Muskmelon Benefits in Tamil

Watch the easy steps in preparing Muskmelon Juice in Tamil(Kirni Pazham Juice / Kirni Palam Juice). Muskmelon Meaning in Tamil is கிர்ணி பழம் / முலாம் பழம். Muskmelon is a wonder fruit which makes our body cool and its rich fiber content is good for if we have any digestive disorders. This tasty fruit available in...CONTINUE READING