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Archives / March 2018

How to Store Pasu Manjal | How to Preserve Pasu Manjal

Watch how to store Pasu Manjal in easy steps. Pasu Manjal Therapy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQZLqBVRG0E) is used by Paleo Diet followers to lower the HSCRP levels. Pasu Manjal helps(Fresh Turmeric) helps to lower the HSCRP and reduce the inflammation levels in our blood arteries. Pasu Manjal is an integral part of this treatment and it should also...CONTINUE READING

Varagu Arisi Dosa Maavu Preparation | Kodo Millet Dosa Batter Recipe

Watch the easy steps of Varagu Arisi Dosa Maavu Preparation(Kodo Millet Dosa Batter Recipe). Varagu Arisi is known as Kodo Millet in English and it has more iron and Zinc when compared to the ordinary rice and wheat. It has high protein, high fiber, and less Carbohydrate and is good for Diabetic patients. It is...CONTINUE READING

Puliyodharai Recipe in Tamil | Tamarind Rice in Tamil | Puli Sadam Recipe in Tamil

Puliyodharai(Tamarind Rice/Puli Sadam) is one of my all-time favorite rice items. We have covered 3 processes in Puli Sadam preparation which are, preparation of Puliyodharai Powder, preparation of Pulikachal and Roasting peanuts and mixing with Rice. We can prepare the Puliyodharai Powder and Pulikachal 1 day before we prepare Puli Sadam so that it will be...CONTINUE READING