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Archives / April 2018

Vazhaithandu Pachadi in Tamil | Vazhaithandu Thayir Pachadi

Vazhaithandu Pachadi(Valaithandu Curd Pachadi/Vazhaithandu Thayir Pachadi/Banana Stem Pachadi/Plantain Stem Pachadi) is made out of Vazhaithandu/Plantain Stem which is rich in fiber and is an ideal vegetable for summer. It cools our body, removes toxins and unwanted cholesterol from our body. It also relieves constipation problem and controls Diabetes and Kidney stones. We can have this...CONTINUE READING

Nannari Syrup | Nannari Syrup Recipe in Tamil | Sarsaparilla Syrup

Nannari Syrup(Sarsaparilla Syrup) is prepared from the roots of Nannari which has a nice flavour. It’s a natural coolant and controls urinary infection and stomach disorders due to heat. It can be taken regularly during summer. In this video, we have shown the steps to prepare Nannari Syrup with Jaggery. Nannari Sarbath can be prepared...CONTINUE READING