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Archives / May 2018

Kadukkai Podi Preparation | Kadukkai Podi Benefits in Tamil | Kadukkai Podi Tamil

Kadukkai Podi(Kadukkai Powder/Haritaki Powder) is the best Ayurvedic herb that has many medicinal benefits. Tamil Siddhar’s have described it as a divine nectar that gives relief to many health problems(Watch a detailed video on Siddhargal About Kadukkai at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcOTDhW416k). Kadukkai is egg-shaped and its outer part /skin has an astringent flavor and is very healthy...CONTINUE READING

Green Smoothie Recipes | Green Smoothie Health Benefits | Paleo Recipes in Tamil

Green Smoothie is a paleo recipe that can be consumed by people on a normal diet too. Generally, when there is a change of food pattern from a normal diet to Paleo diet there are chances of hair fall happening. This can be reduced by consuming the Green smoothie in the morning weekly twice or...CONTINUE READING

Nalli Kulambu Recipe | Nalli Kuzhambu Tamil | Nalli Elumbu Kulambu

Nalli Kulambu Recipe(Nalli Kuzhambu Tamil/Nalli Elumbu Kulambu) is very spicy gravy made with Mutton Bone marrow. It goes excellent with Idli, Dosa, Chapathi, Parota, and rice. Freshly ground masala enhances the taste and flavor of this gravy. My mother in law learned this gravy from her neighbor who belongs to Chettinad and this has become...CONTINUE READING

Butterscotch Ice Cream at Home – Butterscotch Ice Cream Tamil – Butterscotch Ice Cream Easy Recipe

Butterscotch Ice Cream is a famous ice cream flavor next to Vanilla and Chocolate and is popular among kids and everyone. The rich Butterscotch flavor and crunchy taste of the nuts make it a preferred dessert for everyone. Summer season is loaded with ice creams everywhere hence if ice creams can be made at home...CONTINUE READING

Naval Pazham Juice Recipe | Jamun Juice Health Benefits | Black Jamun Juice Recipe

Watch Naval Pazham Juice Recipe/Jamun Juice Health Benefits/Black Jamun Juice Recipe. Naval Pazham or Jamun Fruit is native to Indian Subcontinent. Its fruit, seed, and bark of the tree are used medicinally in Ayurveda and the tree lives for more than 100 yrs. It has a unique taste and unique colour (Purple with Black tint). The...CONTINUE READING