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Category / Chutney & Thuvaiyal Recipes

Vengaya Chutney | Onion Chutney in Tamil | Chutney For Dosa Idli

Vengaya Chutney(Onion Chutney) is a spicy and hot chutney with the wonderful flavour of Onion. Everyone in our family likes the colour and the taste of this Chutney. It goes very well with Kara Paniyaram, Dosa and Idli. It’s a very simple recipe and can be prepared easily. The ingredients that we have used are...CONTINUE READING

Kothamalli Thogayal in Tamil | Malli Thuvaiyal | Coriander Leaves Thuvaiyal

Kothamalli Thogayal(Malli Thuvaiyal/Coriander Leaves Thuvaiyal/Coriander Leaf Thuvaiyal/Coriander Thogayal/Kothamalli Thuvayal) is an authentic side dish / thuvaiyal that is prepared very often. It is very good for digestion hence very often this Thuvaiyal is made while preparing a non-vegetarian feast. It’s a very simple recipe and tastes yummy and it also goes very well with curd...CONTINUE READING

Karuveppilai Chutney in Tamil | Karuveppilai Thuvaiyal | Curry Leaves Chutney

Watch the easy steps to prepare Karuveppilai Chutney(Karuveppilai Thuvaiyal/Curry Leaf Thuvaiyal/Curry Leaves Chutney). Curry Leaves are used in almost every south Indian cuisine for its Flavor. Even though it has its presence in almost all dish that is prepared, people do not eat it and they tend to keep it aside. But this Leaf is...CONTINUE READING

Milagai Chutney in Tamil | Red Chilli Chutney | மிளகாய் சட்னி

Milagai Chutney(Red Chilli Chutney) recipe is a versatile side dish which can be taken by Paleo as well as non-Paleo followers as it has only Paleo ingredients. It is an excellent side dish for Idli, Dosa and Kuzhi Paniyaram. My mother in law has learned this recipe from her mother in law and the special...CONTINUE READING