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Category / Healthy Tamil Recipes

சுவையான சத்தான ராகி லட்டு | Ragi Laddu in Tamil | Calcium Balls

Ragi Laddu Seivathu Eppadi(Calcium Balls Recipe)- Ragi is a rich source of Calcium and in this video, we have shown the method to make Ragi Laddu or Calcium Balls with Jaggery and desiccated coconut along with nuts and dry grapes. All ingredients used are a rich source of iron and calcium and having these kinds...CONTINUE READING

Kerala Herbal Water Using Pathimugam | Pathimugam Water Benefits in Tamil | Pathimugam Water Preparation

Kerala Herbal Water Using Pathimugam(Pathimugam Water Preparation) this is the secret behind the health of Kerala people. Even today, you can see people in Kerala drinking Jeera water and Rose color water called Pathimugam water instead of normal water. This herbal water can be taken daily instead of ordinary drinking water and the benefits which...CONTINUE READING