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Category / Healthy Tamil Snacks Recipes

Kambu Urundai in Tamil | Kambu Laddu in Tamil | Bajra Ladoo Recipe

Kambu Urundai in Tamil(Kambu Laddu in Tamil/Bajra Ladoo Recipe/Pearl Millet Laddu Recipe) is made of Kambu(Pearl Millets). Generally, Millets have less Carbohydrate, more dietary Fiber, and less Phytic acid. Phytic acid prevents easy digestion and absorption of nutrients to our body. Since Millets have less Phytic acid, it improves digestion and is good for Diabetic...CONTINUE READING

Sweet Paniyaram Recipe | Inippu Paniyaram | Karupatti Paniyaram

Sweet Paniyaram is a Chettinadu special Tiffin item which is cooked in Kuli Paniyaram vessel. We have used Karupatti to give the sweet taste and it is a mouth-watering evening time snack especially when fried in homemade Ghee. The aroma and the taste of this sweet will spread throughout the house and you will never...CONTINUE READING

Coconut Burfi in Tamil | Thengai Burfi with Karupatti

Coconut Burfi(Thengai Burfi)is a traditional recipe in the south and we make it during Diwali with 8 to 9 grated Coconut and Sugar. There are not many ingredients involved in this recipe except for Coconut and Sugar. We have slightly twisted this recipe by adding Karupatti(Palm Jaggery) instead of Sugar and have shown the steps...CONTINUE READING

Lotus Seed Fry in Tamil | Fried Makhana | Makhana Fry

Watch the easy the steps to make delicious Lotus Seed Fry(Fried Makhana).Lotus Seeds are gaining importance nowadays because of its nutritional benefits and delicious taste. It is round in shape and tastes like popcorn and can be eaten raw or can be cooked and consumed. Lotus Seeds are enriched with Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium, and Potassium....CONTINUE READING

Pidi Kozhukattai Recipe in Tamil | Sweet Pidi Kolukattai

Pidi Kozhukattai(Pidi Kolukattai) is a traditional sweet and an all-time favorite item of Lord Ganesha. My mother usually does this sweet for Vinayagar Chathurthi. This type of Kozhukattai can be prepared with ease and this is also a very healthy snack for kids as it is Steam Cooked. We have shown the step by step...CONTINUE READING