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Category / Juice Recipes

Nungu Juice | Nungu Health Benefits in Tamil | Ice Apple Juice

Nungu Juice(Ice Apple Juice/Palm Fruit Juice/Palmyra Juice Recipe/Nungu Sarbath) is made of the fruit from Palm Tree or Palmyra. Ensure to select tender Nungu while buying as tender ones are soft and tasty. Nungu looks like lychee fruit but tastes like tender coconut. Nungu is available in South India in abundance during summer and is...CONTINUE READING

Ginger Lemonade For Weight Loss | Ginger Lemon Juice in Tamil | Ginger Lemonade Benefits

Ginger Lemonade Recipe(Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe) is an apt natural refreshing juice with lots of nutrients in it. Ginger improves digestion and honey cleanses the blood. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and helps to absorb the nutrients. We can drink Ginger, Honey, and Lemon together regularly in warm water in the morning and this...CONTINUE READING

Green Smoothie Recipes | Green Smoothie Health Benefits | Paleo Recipes in Tamil

Green Smoothie is a paleo recipe that can be consumed by people on a normal diet too. Generally, when there is a change of food pattern from a normal diet to Paleo diet there are chances of hair fall happening. This can be reduced by consuming the Green smoothie in the morning weekly twice or...CONTINUE READING

Naval Pazham Juice Recipe | Jamun Juice Health Benefits | Black Jamun Juice Recipe

Watch Naval Pazham Juice Recipe/Jamun Juice Health Benefits/Black Jamun Juice Recipe. Naval Pazham or Jamun Fruit is native to Indian Subcontinent. Its fruit, seed, and bark of the tree are used medicinally in Ayurveda and the tree lives for more than 100 yrs. It has a unique taste and unique colour (Purple with Black tint). The...CONTINUE READING

Mint Lemonade Recipe | Mint Lemon Juice in Tamil | Summer Drinks Recipe

Mint Lemonade(Mint Lemon Juice) is a summer drinks recipe which acts as a coolant and is a natural refreshing juice with lots of nutrients in it. Mint is known to cleanse our blood and has more iron content. It is used as mouth and breath refresher. Mint, when combined with Lemon, improves digestive capacity and...CONTINUE READING