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Category / Non-Veg Snacks & Appetizers

Mushroom Paniyaram | Mushroom Recipe in Tamil | Paleo Diet Recipes in Tamil

Mushroom Paniyaram is my husband’s favourite dish and Mushroom is not only delicious but also very healthy. It has more Vitamin D and is good for bone health. Selenium in Mushroom protects the cell and prevents cell damage. Vegetarians can experience the taste and health benefits of Non-Veg items by eating Mushroom. There are many...CONTINUE READING

Nethili Meen Fry in Tamil | Nethili Fish Fry | Nethili Meen Varuval |

Nethili Meen Fry(Nethili Fish Fry/Nethili Meen Varuval/Nethili Fry) is a wonderful Starter in Sea Food Category. This Small fish, when fried in Oil, has an extraordinary crispy texture and delicious taste. It goes well with hot steaming rice with Fish Kulambu. In this video, we have shown the easy steps to prepare Nethili Meen Fry....CONTINUE READING

Mutton Kola Urundai in Tamil | மட்டன் கோலா உருண்டை

Mutton Kola Urundai is a delicious non-vegetarian Starter which is an all-time favorite for our family. We prepare this interesting dish during our weekends and the crispy and crunchy texture of the meatballs give it a mouth-watering taste. My grandma prepares this recipe very well and I used to have this whenever I go to...CONTINUE READING

Chicken Leg Fry in Tamil | Chicken Drumsticks in Tamil | Drumstick Chicken

Chicken Leg Fry (Chicken Drumsticks) is a quick and easy to make recipe which is very delicious and kids always love and enjoy the taste and shape of it. We have used very minimal ingredients and a cooking method which is fast and easy. Also, we have double marinated to give it an extra flavor....CONTINUE READING

Chicken Lollipop Recipe in Tamil | How to make Lollipop Chicken in Tamil

Chicken Lollipop Recipe in Tamil Enga Veettu Samayal: Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Serves: 3 Ingredients: 1. Chicken Lollipop – 500 Grams 2. Salt 3. Soya Sauce 4. Ginger and Garlic paste 5. Corn Flour 6. Tomato Sauce 7. Chilly Sauce 8. Pepper 9. Oil to Fry Recipe: 1. First marinate the...CONTINUE READING