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Category / Sweet Karam Recipes in Tamil

Gulab Jamun Recipe in Tamil | How to Make Gulab Jamun With Kova in Tamil

Gulab Jamun is an all-time favorite sweet in our home. The Gulab Jamun recipe prepared with Kova/Khoya/Mawa/Koya/Khova has a tremendous taste. I still remember my younger days where my mom used to prepare this mouth-watering sweet for Diwali and for my birthday. I couldn’t resist myself from taking a bite of these soft and round...CONTINUE READING

Kara Paniyaram | Kara Kuzhi Paniyaram in Tamil | Kara Kuli Paniyaram

Kara Paniyaram(Kara Kuzhi Paniyaram/Kara Kuli Paniyaram) is a Chettinad special Tiffin item and is cooked in Kuli Paniyaram vessel. Many people use Dosa batter with Onions, Curry leaves and Chillies and prepare Kara Kuli Paniyaram. But batter prepared exclusively for Paniyaram is different, crispy and tastes wonderful. It goes very well with Onion Chutney or...CONTINUE READING

Sweet Paniyaram Recipe | Inippu Paniyaram | Karupatti Paniyaram

Sweet Paniyaram is a Chettinadu special Tiffin item which is cooked in Kuli Paniyaram vessel. We have used Karupatti to give the sweet taste and it is a mouth-watering evening time snack especially when fried in homemade Ghee. The aroma and the taste of this sweet will spread throughout the house and you will never...CONTINUE READING

Kavuni Arisi Payasam | Black Rice Payasam | Tamil New Year Special Recipe

Kavuni Arisi Payasam(Black Rice Payasam/Karuppu Arisi Payasam) is a Tamil New Year Special Recipe. Kavuni Arisi (Black Rice) is a traditional rice variety which is black in color and has a good fiber content in it. It is known to solve hormonal imbalance, detoxifies our body and prevents cancer. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant in...CONTINUE READING

Coconut Burfi in Tamil | Thengai Burfi with Karupatti

Coconut Burfi(Thengai Burfi)is a traditional recipe in the south and we make it during Diwali with 8 to 9 grated Coconut and Sugar. There are not many ingredients involved in this recipe except for Coconut and Sugar. We have slightly twisted this recipe by adding Karupatti(Palm Jaggery) instead of Sugar and have shown the steps...CONTINUE READING