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Sabja Seeds For Weight Loss | Sabja Seeds Health Benefits in Tamil | Sweet Basil Seeds For Weight Loss

Sabja Seeds(Sweet Basil Seeds/Falooda Seeds)is rich in dietary fibers and low in calories which promotes weight loss. Sabja Seeds Plant name in Tamil is Thiruneetru Pachilai Plant(திருநீற்றுப் பச்சிலை செடி). This seed is used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and is rich in Alpha Linolenic Acid / Omega 3 Fatty Acid. Thiruneetru Pachilai plant has many...CONTINUE READING

How to Store Pasu Manjal | How to Preserve Pasu Manjal

Watch how to store Pasu Manjal in easy steps. Pasu Manjal Therapy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQZLqBVRG0E) is used by Paleo Diet followers to lower the HSCRP levels. Pasu Manjal helps(Fresh Turmeric) helps to lower the HSCRP and reduce the inflammation levels in our blood arteries. Pasu Manjal is an integral part of this treatment and it should also...CONTINUE READING