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Category / Tamil Non-Veg Paleo Recipes

Paleo Dosa Recipe in Tamil | Paleo Egg Dosa | பேலியோ தோசை | Paleo Diet in Tamil

Paleo Dosa Recipe in Tamil can be included in Paleo Diet Meal Plan. People on Paleo diet usually will miss a lot of eating things especially south Indians will miss Idli and Dosai a lot. As Paleo diet is a low Carbohydrate, High Fat diet, tiffin items made with wheat, rice flour should be completely...CONTINUE READING

Mutton Chops Fry | Mutton Chops Dry | Mutton Chops in Tamil

In Mutton Chops Fry(Mutton Chops Dry), Mutton comes along with bone and this gives a special taste. Mutton chops are good for cold and cough. In this video, we have shown the preparation of Mutton Chops fry with homemade masala that is well roasted and ground. This special masala gives a nice flavor to the...CONTINUE READING

Nattu Kozhi Soup in Tamil | Country Chicken Soup Recipe | Nattu Koli Soup Seimurai

Nattu Kozhi Soup(Nattu Koli Soup/Country Chicken Soup) is energy-rich soup given to new mothers after delivery as it gives instant energy and strength. Chicken soup is also used to treat common flu and cold. People suffering from fever will need a lot of fluid; hence consuming this chicken soup flushes out the unwanted bacteria and...CONTINUE READING

Chicken Sukka Varuval in Tamil | Nattu Kozhi Chukka Varuval

Chicken Sukka Varuval(Chicken Chukka Varuval/Nattu Kozhi Sukka/Nattu Kozhi Chukka) is a starter/ Side dish prepared from country chicken and it goes well with Biriyani and Kushka. We have taken boneless chicken for this preparation and the chicken is pressure cooked before making sukka so that the chicken is soft and it melts in the mouth....CONTINUE READING

Mushroom Paniyaram | Mushroom Recipe in Tamil | Paleo Diet Recipes in Tamil

Mushroom Paniyaram is my husband’s favourite dish and Mushroom is not only delicious but also very healthy. It has more Vitamin D and is good for bone health. Selenium in Mushroom protects the cell and prevents cell damage. Vegetarians can experience the taste and health benefits of Non-Veg items by eating Mushroom. There are many...CONTINUE READING