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Category / Tamil Veg Tiffin Recipes

Soft Chapati Recipe in Tamil | Chapati Recipe in Tamil | How to make Soft Chapati in Tamil

Soft Chapati(Chapati) is a flatbread from North India. It tastes good when served hot and it is a staple food for people in the north because of more cultivation of Wheat in North India. Many working ladies have a cook/maid who prepares Chapati and they put the Chapati’s in Casserole and leave home after they...CONTINUE READING

Kambu Puttu Recipe | Pearl Millet Puttu | Bajra Puttu | Puttu Recipes in Tamil

Kambu Puttu(Pearl Millet Puttu/Bajra Puttu) is made of Kambu which is a very healthy millet and it has 9 times more iron content than ordinary rice. It is rich in calcium and it helps in strengthening the hip bones for the woman. It provides strength to our body as a whole hence people doing hard...CONTINUE READING

Kavuni Arisi Idli | Black Rice Idli Recipe | Kavuni Arisi Recipes in Tamil

Kavuni Arisi Idli(Black Rice Idli) is made out of a traditional rice variety called Kavuni Arisi(Black Rice) which is black in colour and has a good fiber content in it. It is known to solve hormonal imbalance, detoxifies our body and prevents cancer. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant in this rice variety which gives a...CONTINUE READING

Varagu Arisi Dosa Maavu Preparation | Kodo Millet Dosa Batter Recipe

Watch the easy steps of Varagu Arisi Dosa Maavu Preparation(Kodo Millet Dosa Batter Recipe). Varagu Arisi is known as Kodo Millet in English and it has more iron and Zinc when compared to the ordinary rice and wheat. It has high protein, high fiber, and less Carbohydrate and is good for Diabetic patients. It is...CONTINUE READING