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Category / Vathal Recipe in Tamil

Kothavarangai Vathal in Tamil | Sundried Cluster Beans Recipe

Kothavarangai Vathal in Tamil(Sundried Cluster Beans Recipe) is made of Kothavarangai(Cluster Beans) a seasonal vegetable hence making vathal and storing it will make the vegetable available all time. Moreover, Cluster beans are rich in Iron and Folic acid. Cluster Bean is good for bones as well. My father loves Kothavarangai vathal and he likes taking...CONTINUE READING

Kool Vadagam Recipe | Koozh Vadam in Tamil | Koozh Vathal in Tamil

Kool Vadagam(Koozh Vadam/Koozh Vathal/Kool Vathal/Koozh Vadagam) is Tamil Nadu’s famous vathal recipe specifically made during the summer season. My mom, my mother in law, my grandma makes use of the scorching summer to prepare a variety of dishes which can be stored throughout the year. This Kool Vadagam recipe is one of my mother-in-law’s favorite...CONTINUE READING