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Category / Variety Rice Recipes

Kalkandu Sadam in Tamil | Aadi Perukku Recipe | கல்கண்டு சாதம்

Kalkandu Sadam in Tamil – using Kuthiraivaali Arisi. Kuthiraivaali is a Millet variety and it provides more nutrition than our ordinary rice and is one of the traditional varieties used by our ancestors. It gives more strength and stamina. Kalkandu sadam comes out well with Kuthiraivaali as it becomes soft when cooked and gives a...CONTINUE READING

Puliyodharai Recipe in Tamil | Tamarind Rice in Tamil | Puli Sadam Recipe in Tamil

Puliyodharai(Tamarind Rice/Puli Sadam) is one of my all-time favorite rice items. We have covered 3 processes in Puli Sadam preparation which are, preparation of Puliyodharai Powder, preparation of Pulikachal and Roasting peanuts and mixing with Rice. We can prepare the Puliyodharai Powder and Pulikachal 1 day before we prepare Puli Sadam so that it will be...CONTINUE READING

Vangi Bath in Tamil | Kathirikai Sadam | Brinjal Rice | வாங்கி பாத் | கத்திரிக்காய் சாதம்

Vangi Bath(Brinjal Rice/Kathirikai Sadam) is a variety rice and it is also a lunch box recipe for kids. Its tangy taste and the fantastic aroma of the spices make it a favorite dish for my daughter. It tastes so yummy when taken with hung curd and Masala Pappad. In this video, we have shown the...CONTINUE READING