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Category / Veg Snacks & Appetizers

Kambu Urundai in Tamil | Kambu Laddu in Tamil | Bajra Ladoo Recipe

Kambu Urundai in Tamil(Kambu Laddu in Tamil/Bajra Ladoo Recipe/Pearl Millet Laddu Recipe) is made of Kambu(Pearl Millets). Generally, Millets have less Carbohydrate, more dietary Fiber, and less Phytic acid. Phytic acid prevents easy digestion and absorption of nutrients to our body. Since Millets have less Phytic acid, it improves digestion and is good for Diabetic...CONTINUE READING

After School Snacks Ideas | Evening Snacks Tamil | Kids Snacks Healthy

I love to prepare different varieties of After School Snacks Healthy(Evening Snacks/Kids Snacks) food item for my daughter. I usually avoid deep fried or Sugary items and try to include healthy vegetables as an interesting component in daily snack routine. Making vegetables as an interesting component for kids especially for a snack was a difficult...CONTINUE READING

Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe | Peanut Butter Recipe Tamil | How to Make Peanut Butter at Home

Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe and Bread is a wonderful combination and I like eating peanut butter just like that without any main dish. Many of us think that fats are completely not good for health and we should avoid them. But there are good fats which make us feel good and healthy. Peanuts contain monounsaturated...CONTINUE READING

Potato Cheese Balls in Tamil | Cheese Balls Recipe Easy | Corn Cheese Balls Recipe

Potato Cheese Balls(Cheese Balls/Corn Cheese Balls/Cheese Corn Balls/Cheesy Corn Balls) is a wonderful starter loved by all including adults. The rich taste of Cheese and Potato melts inside our mouth. Here, the mashed potatoes are filled with Cheddar Cheese that is cut into cubes and deep fried. It’s a very tasty and easy recipe which...CONTINUE READING