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Category / Veg Soups

Gulab Jamun Recipe in Tamil | How to Make Gulab Jamun With Kova in Tamil

Gulab Jamun is an all-time favorite sweet in our home. The Gulab Jamun recipe prepared with Kova/Khoya/Mawa/Koya/Khova has a tremendous taste. I still remember my younger days where my mom used to prepare this mouth-watering sweet for Diwali and for my birthday. I couldn’t resist myself from taking a bite of these soft and round...CONTINUE READING

Murungakkai Soup in Tamil | Drumstick Soup

Murungakaai soup(Drumstick Soup) is prepared with fresh drumsticks. Drumstick has its own flavor and it tastes really good in Sambhar, Avial, and soup. While drumstick adds flavor to the food, it also provides numerous health benefits like boosting our immunity, building strong bones, improving digestive health etc. In this video, we have shown the method...CONTINUE READING

Mushroom Soup in Tamil | Kalan Soup | Soup Recipes in Tamil

Watch the easy steps to make Mushroom Soup(Kalan Soup/காளான் சூப்/மஷ்ரூம் சூப்). Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants just like green peppers, tomatoes, Carrots etc. They have the shape of human ear when sliced hence it aids in hearing ability. It decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes and Heart diseases. It is high in Potassium and low...CONTINUE READING