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ABC Juice Recipe in Tamil | Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice | Miracle Juice For Glowing Skin

ABC Juice(Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice) is a Miracle Juice with powerful antioxidants, anti-aging and detoxification agents. It prevents the growth of cancerous cells, improves the vision and also aids in weight loss. In addition to the above medical benefits, if this juice is consumed regularly in empty stomach in the morning, it gives a fair...CONTINUE READING

Vatha Kulambu in Tamil | Vatha Kuzhambu | Vathal Puli Kulambu Recipe in Tamil

This video explains how to cook Vatha Kulambu Recipe in Tamil. Vatha Kulambu(Vathal Puli Kulambu) is an authentic recipe that is famous in south India. Sutta Appalam and Vatha Kulambu are a great combo. We have used Manathakkali Vathal in this recipe but people can also use Sundakkai Vathal or any Vathal of their choice....CONTINUE READING